I'm really going to start trying hard to get back to posting here daily. I dropped off for sometime now as I'm sure you have all noticed.

It seems that from time to time I just don't do so well, I get frustrated with how things have turned out for me and then sooner or later I get a kick in the pants and realize how much I have in comparison to so many others. I wish this low times wouldn't come but I believe it is God's way of having me walk through the valley and learn to lean on him and not try to solve or fix things without Him.

I did way more than I should have today and when I finally get laid down I'm going to find that my body hates me with a passion, but the things needed to be done and my beautiful husband can not be expected to do it all.

Then once I was about to sit down and call it a day our daughter wanted to play a game of ladder ball. I can't hit the broad side of a barn but the game is so fun. I really should have told her I'd had enough for one day but how can you say no. She is a kid and being that she goes through all the normal things kids go through so she is not perfect but I have to tell you she is an amazing child. She is learning to cook and can with me, she can run the washer and dryer, she can clean a bathroom better than most adults I know. Most of this she has learned because of my situation so she can help out around the house. On top of all that she has a real interest in the garden and how things grow and how we can get our own seeds from the plants so we don't have to buy them the following year. And school! the child amazes me, she might bring home a B once or twice in a year but most of the times its straight A's. So I have a hard time saying no to a child who works so hard to help out (most days) and does so well in school.

Whatever pain or discomfort I have tomorrow will be worth it. And everytime I feel tha twinge or stab I will be reminded that I took time out at the end of my day to play a game with her and hubby. I'll remember her laughing and teasing and how happy that 30 minutes of fun with mom and dad meant to her. It meant a lot to me as well

I hope everyone is doing well, take care and most of all God Bless!
Okay, I'm back now. I've been down for a bit over a week and have so many things to catch you all up on. So starting tomorrow I will get back to the garden pictures and the sharing of some more recipes I have found for canning that are just so delightful
It is so hot here today it's not even funny. One lady posted on hubby's account that it was so hot she saw a Robin using a pot holder to pick up a worm. I thought that was quite funny.

We did get out and get base protectors put around the Blackberry bushes, trimmed around those, picked Strawberry's and Green Beans and came inside to have a heat stroke.
I have no further plans of being outside today other than to hang out a load of laundry
My grandson is my hero today! His constant questions paid off for me today. While out doing a garden check and looking at our tomatoes he kept asking what is this, what is that, on and on. LOL Then he kind of squeeled and said what is that. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw that he was pointing to the biggest tomato worm I have ever seen. Sadly enough the tomato worm has eaten his last meal.

Oh what a fun day yesterday was. Going to see the dentist is always such a blast....NOT.

I have a tooth that broke so went to have them finish pulling it out. Seems easy enough right? No, he did an xray and the roots of the tooth go into the edge of my sinus' so he won't pull the tooth.

Now I have to get an appt with an oral surgeon to get the tooth cut out! I wish someone would just knock every tooth out of my head!

I have such brittle teeth anyway, wouldn't it be so much better to just get them all out at one time and be done with it?
We have had an amazing but so tiring Saturday. A lot more of the painting got done today. Still working on baseboards and doors, trying to get that done first. I'll post more pics soon.

Then mother and I found a wonderful man selling peaches for $1 a pound. She got 10lbs today and made a beautiful peach cobbler for tomorrow's family get together. I can't wait to get a hold of that. I will be canning the 16lbs I got. We
Then between rain storms today we got a little fishing done. We managed to come home with 10 Crappie and a Bass. Oh yes that is a 12 1/2 in Bass and that was my baby. I like to never got that thing in, thought it was gonna kill me and my back, but I made it. LOL. It is one amazing fish for sure!

Just got home from my doctor's appointment. So glad Matthew came and took me. I had to get injections under both of my knee caps to try and take care of the pain I'm having in them. That was NO FUN at all.

Both injection sites are sore so I'm off to lay down for a little nap and see if being off of them for a few won't help out.
I am officially firing Mr.Sandman, he is a slacker, he does not do his job and he is making life really tough!

So here I sit at one thirty in the morning wishing I could go to sleep cause I'm so darn tired but everytime I lay down all I do is toss and turn. I should probably try to do something productive but that would make noise and wake up the family so I can't/won't do that.

I hate being awake like this it gives me more time than I want to sit and think about things, most of them things I don't want to think about.

My current thought process are landed on an individual who through the years I have tried to do so much for, to be supportive etc and every time I do it I end up getting slapped in the face or stabbed in the back. I love this individual (not romantic love) but it often seems the best that I can do is to stay detached. Then when I do that I'm accused of all manner of things. When ask what the problem is I have stated that firmly on several occasions but they just can't hear what I'm saying or they don't want to hear it.

It is quite frustrating to love someone but feel unsafe to show it for fear of being used or being ignored or called names or being blamed for things I had nothing to do with.

I have to wonder to myself how is it God wants us to handle these types of situations. I know that first is to love but when love is not enough for that person should we just continue to love from afar and pray for them no matter what they say or think?

I've pondered this question for years and still I've come up with no answers...suppose I'll continue to ponder it from time to time.
Sorry I have been out of the loop for the past few days, such is my life at times.

One of the hardest things to get someone to understand is what is going on with my body. When they see me they see a "healthy" looking person, they do not see a disabled person.

The problem there is that they can not see inside of me. They can not see the nerve cluster in the lower part of my back that extends down to my toes that is damaged. They can not see disk damage, numb legs and pain that never stops. People can not see chronic pain and therefore have very little understanding of it.

To make matter worse someone who had chroic pain can not explain it to someone who doesn't have it. It's not their fault but they just can not imagine pain that never goes away or the medications that you take just to take the edge off of it so you can be somewhat functional.

Not that I would wish this on anyone but for those who want to look at someone with chronic pain and say or think there is nothing "really" wrong with them, I wish there was a way for them to experience this just for one day.

Anyway, off my soapbox. I have been down for several days and have failed to write or post updated pictures so I'm going to try to get that done today.

To those  of you who may be reading this and suffer from chronic pain, I understand where you are and sometimes that is enough to just know someone can understand it. To those of you who do not have chronic pain try not to grumple so about going to work, chasing the kids or running errands all day long. I know those things can wear you out but you have no idea what I would give to be able to be worn out like that again, to run, chase, work, garden and of those things I used to do. You have no idea how fortunate you are.
God is so good! He amazes me. I can get this reminder every morning as I do the walk through in my garden.

We can a lot of food here, it is a way for us to save money and keep us from eating food that has "things" in it we can not pronounce. Normally I have to go and buy tomatoes during the summer so that I have enough.

We will go through a lot of them. Aside from the fact that we just love to eat them raw we also can them in many forms. Tomato juice, Catsup, Salsa, Chili Base, Spaghetti Base and Stewed.

For the following year we do not have to worry about purchasing those items and normally we have enough that we can share with the kids.

Going into this summer I was really concerned, I had started tomato plaants in the house so that when the time was right I could move them outside. I had 62 plants in process and they were looking good. Then for reasons I can't even explain they just died. I will admit on this topic that I DID NOT pray about this but God knew the concern was there. It wasn't looking like we would have the funds to purchase the amount of them that we would need and my plants were dead.

Then I got a call from Mom and she said the college here in town was having their plant sale. WHAT! I didn't even know they had a plant sale. So I went to town with mom and dad and boy oh boy were their tomato plants huge. I thought certainly I had misunderstood the price but confirmed they were $1.50 for 4 plants!

Still a bit concerned I walked out with 26 plants that day, no where near the 62 I had started but God in his amazing grace does such wonderful things, He takes care of us many times when we have not even ask for the help. (I'm not suggesting that you don't pray or ask when you are in need, rather I know that He knows us so well that nothing gets by Him)

This morning when I went out to do my morning garden check imagine my suprise when I counted 52, that's right 52 tomatoes. There were only like 32 yesterday. And there is a real chance that some of the new starts are small enough that I didn't see them yet.

Now here is the staggering part of this number, only about 4 of my plants  have started putting out tomatoes. The others have blooms all over them but haven't quite started the actual tomatoes.

If 4 plants can already have 52+ tomatoes on them, then I'm rest assured by my Heavenly Father that the 26 plants will produce all the tomatoes I need. There will be plenty to share with our children and with my Mom and Dad!

If God will take care of tomato plants for me imagine what he can do when we really ask for his help! I hope you all have a blessed day in our Lord Jesus Christ today. Look closley and don't miss the blessing He has out there for you too!